Kansas Association of District Court Clerks & Administrators


KADCCA began as KADCC, Kansas Association of District Court Clerks.  Up until the time of statewide unification of all Kansas district courts in 1977, clerks of the district courts were elected officials.  After unification, the Office of Judicial Administration (OJA) was statutorily created and clerks became appointed officials in each district.  Shortly thereafter, OJA created the position of court administrator, and individuals appointed to that position also became members of the Association, thus adding the "A" to turn KADCC into KADCCA. 
KADCCA’s membership is restricted to clerks and court administrators of the state district courts.  Its’ membership does not include municipal court clerks, as municipal courts handle city ordinances and district courts handle state statutes. 
Kansas statutes allow for a clerk of the district court in each of the state’s 105 counties.  There are 31 judicial districts and 17 have district court administrators.  Clerks of the district courts oversee the daily functions of the clerical side including the filing of cases, recording of all documents for case files, receipting of and payment out of fines, costs, restitution and the like.  Duties also include juvenile compliance, jury summons, assisting the public, lawyers and judges, as well as supervising subordinate deputy clerks.  The clerk of the district court is a highly responsible and transparent position.  Clerk’s offices coordinate all their activities with OJA and work with many outside agencies including county/district prosecutors, Social and Rehabilitation Services, Court Services, and state and local law enforcement.